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The bag protects its content from rain, splashing, and short-time immersion. It can float on the water surface for a short period. 
Resistant to chafing, UV radiation, and salt water.

The bag features an easy fastening system that assures water resistance. 
Tightness is accomplished by rolling the sleeve three times and bracing it with a clamp. 
Once the bag is closed, the Rolled fastening can function as a comfortable handle.

The bag has been made of tarpaulin (a weave of polyester fibres coated with PCV). 
Seams have been heated with the high-frequency current technology. 
They are very resistant to tearing and 100% tight.

A shoulder strap for easier transport and putting it on shoulders is attached to the bag.

20L Dry Bag

22,50 €Hinta
ALV Sisällytetty
  • Capacity: 20 liters
    Material: Tarpaulin
    Weight: 400g

    Perfect for: Boating, Camping, Rafting, Hunting, Hiking, Kayaking, Canoeing and SUP. 

    Caution: When closed properly, it will protect against rain, spray, splash and short term submersion. Not intended for storage of optical, photographic or electrical equipment. 

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